Ventana- I Want To Go Back There!

We're back, and even though we had an incredible trip, coming home is always one of the best parts of leaving.  There is nothing better than that moment when you walk in and see your kid's eyes light up, seconds before they envelop you in the greatest hug ever known to man. Believe me, these days it is very rare to get that kind of reception when either of us walks through the door. Our transition home has been seamless, but that was largely due to the incredible job that my in-laws did, holding this place together while we were gone. Seriously, they should rent out their services... they would make a killing! The biggest surprise has been, that so far, we haven't "payed" for our trip.

 Usually, the kids are always a bit off the week after we get back, sometimes wired, sometimes moody, usually clingy, but this time back it's been business as usual. Actually, it's been way BETTER than usual. Before I left the kids and I were in some kind of downward cycle. With all the cold weather and the holidays, we were spending a LOT of time together, and pretty much just driving each other crazy. Now, after a week away, we all remembered what we liked about the other, and no joke, I haven't had to raise my voice once, and the two have really been on their best behavior. I'm not holding my breath, but man it would be a awesome bonus if this nice, calm household was here to stay. 

The only downside of being back home is that I've had to face the fact, again, that I live in Boston,  it's February, and it's snowing. Long gone are the sunny days we spent walking around San Francisco, which were only surpassed by the the lazying around we did while we were in Big Sur. I know it wasn't even 3 days ago, but right now it feels like it was already last year! 

I have to tell you, we stayed at the most magical place for the end of our trip, Ventana, and I really couldn't have dreamt of better place to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. As we were pulling away, we both said they we absolutely want to go back there... tomorrow would be nice! Imagine the most peaceful place you possibly can, throw in the most insane mountain views you have ever seen, ocean views as far as the eye can see, and sprinkle on Redwood trees as high as skyscrapers. Throw in in a Japanese bath, an in room fireplace, some deer, and more wine than you can drink and you have Ventana. Yes, it was that good. I wouldn't believe me either, so here are a few pictures to back up my story.

{the deer that would cross our path throughout the day}

The only thing it doesn't have? My kiddos. 7 days is the longest I can go without seeing their sweet little faces. Well, until next year at least.