The Best Snow Boot for Kids.

 As much as I'm trying to fight it, I think we need to talk a little more about snow.  Why?  Well, we have more coming later this week (really, really?!?!) and there are still piles of the white and not-so-fluffly everywhere that are taller than my kids. I guess it's just that kind of Winter. 

Up until this year, my biggest issue with the snow was finding the right snow boot for the kids.  Sorels don't really work because of the circular laces which always untie, and even then you have to get your kids (or you) to tie them in the first place.  We had traditional duck boots for a few years, but really they weren't that warm, and the kids would always complain about how clunky they were.  Last year, I thought maybe we could just get by with traditional wellies, but after a monster storm, the LM's toes actually turned blue from the cold in those things!  That night, I spotted a sale on Gilt for Rubber Duck Snow Joggers, and not only were they cheap, but they turned out to be awesome! I grabbed a pair for Gray at the beginning of the year, and now he wants to wear them more than his normal shoes. For a kid who refuses his jacket and hat, this is a very big deal! 

I was looking to pick up a larger size for them next year, and noticed that they seem to always be on sale on Gilt and from other retailers, so I had to share. If you are looking for a lightweight snow boot, that the kids can put on and off themselves, that is actually WARM... look no further. Oh, and they are also ridiculously cute. ;)

Since it always seems like the more prepared you are, the less likely it is for the snow to actually become a big event, so let's all get really, really prepared!!!