Breakfast is Served.

I'm usually not a huge breakfast eater, but lately given my schedule, I can't always guarantee that I'll be having lunch at a reasonable hour, and to keep from getting the shakes at noon I've been trying to be really good about eating a healthy breakfast.  For a while I was eating chia seeds like they were going out of style, and then switched to sautéed garlicky kale, with an egg on top.  That tasted great, but was a little more than I wanted to deal with before my first cup of coffee.  Last week, I went to an event for the LM's school, and ordered an egg dish which was topped with greek yogurt.  At first I thought it would taste a little weird, but the greek yogurt actually complemented the egg so well, I almost found myself wanting to lick the plate! Ever since, I've been making this egg sandwich in the morning, and it turns out I'm not the only one who's a fan. See that bite mark up top? That's what happens when I leave Gray alone with my breakfast, while I grab my phone to take a picture! I'm sure you can figure out how to assemble, but just in case here's my recipe. 

Open Faced California Breakfast Sandwich


1 toasted piece of bread (I've been using this flour free sprouted wheat bread lately)
1 Egg (poached or fried)
2 tablespoons plain greek yogurt
1 avocado halved and sliced
1 tablespoon chives
salt and pepper


Place 1/2 of sliced avocado on toasted bread, and season with salt and pepper. Layer with egg, greek yogurt, and chives. Top with a little more salt and pepper to taste.

It's that easy!

Do you all have a go-to breakfast? Please share!