Winter Blues... and Whites!

 Having lived in New England for over a decade, I should be used to Winter by now. Should be, being the operative words. The truth is, I am no more used to the freezing cold temps, than I was 11 years ago, and that just means I pretty much hate Boston for a solid 4 months a year. Such is the fate of a California transplant, I guess. Usually, I just accept the cold, bundle up, and complain to anyone who will listen (mostly my kids) but this year I've found that I've been trying to fight back a bit.

 This became pretty obvious, when last night after about 15 minutes of my husband saying "what is that smell?" I had to confess that I had a date with a bottle of self tanner before he came home. I know, it's January, and no, we aren't going on vacation anytime soon. This was just my futile attempt to try to fight back. I've noticed that I've also been gravitating towards lighter colors when I get dressed in the morning. Sure black on black, on black, is still my go to, but the colder it gets the more I've been busting out my white jeans. I feel a small victory when I rip my dozen layers off, and underneath I'm ready for Spring. I tell you, Winter whites just my be the key to beating my Winter blues this year. 

You guys know I can't do a style post without talking about hair... right? Not only have my clothes been getting lighter, but now my hair has joined in the fun. Right before the holidays, I decided to give platinum a go, and I have to say I'm loving it. Sadly, the cut did not go as planned, so I'm in ponytail rut right now, but I've learned the sure fire way to say "I'm ready for Summer!" is Winter white hair. 

What do you all do to beat the Summer blues? Last year I bought my husband a sun lamp for his birthday and he pretty much laughed me out of the house. I'm starting to think I should have kept it for myself!