Weekend Links.

Happy Friday! For us this week just flew by, which is great considering how long the last few seemed. I can honestly say having the kids back in school is the single greatest thing that has happened to me this year. I know, we are only 10 days in, but I may have just peaked a little early. ;) We have a pretty low key weekend planned. Tomorrow, I'm taking the boys to the new Shake Shack in Harvard Square, and Sunday the Little Man and I have a skate date in New Hampshire, but other than that I anticipate quite a bit of lazying around, and lego playing. Now that the boys don't see each other as much, they are back to playing somewhat nicely. Miracles do happen! I hope whatever your plans are, that you have a great one! See you all next week! xx

Have you seen the new Zara Kids lookbook? It is pretty incredible! 

16 books to read before they hit theaters this year. I've only read two on this list... cut to me filling the Kindle stat. Luckily, it will probably be a least two years before I get the chance to see any of these, so I have some time!

For our anniversary, my husband proved he knows me best by writing me the most incredible letter I've ever read, and getting me this. Nailed it!

The most incredible skateboarder. You just have to see this!

Speaking of skateboarding, my Little Man has his first highlight reel. Check it out!!!

These shoes are adorable. Is Spring here yet?

I would love to have matching mugs, but don't really want to shell out the dough to make it happen. Perhaps this easy DIY project is the way to go

There are no words for "The Apartment." Maybe one: Stunning. 

We've had this soup twice this week, once with shrimp added, and once with cod. I think it may be my new favorite recipe. 

I just picked this up for the gym. It's as comfortable as it is adorable. 

50 states of Lego. Pure genius. I've got to show this one to my kiddos!

Finally, let's talk Birkenstocks. I need a great sandal for our March trip to Costa, but I still can't get on board with the new/old trend. I just ordered these, with an open mind since I keep reading that they are very in Vogue. File this under undecided.