If You Are Considering Platinum Blonde Hair...

 If you are considering platinum blonde hair... my advice? 

Go for it! 

A little over a month ago I decided to bleach my hair. Not by myself of course, but rather I begged my hairdresser to do it. I was on the fence for weeks, and then one day decided it just had to be done. After years of tweaking my color, ever so slightly, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and honestly it has been one of the best beauty decisions I have even made. 

When asking friends if I should make the big change, the majority said wait until the Summer. Why? Well, everything looks good in Summer, doesn't it? I then realized that I come from the opposite school of thought, that since a tan can improve just about anything (including your mood) why not lighten things in the Winter, when only the prospect of a week on the beach can pull you out of your slump. I find that a self tanner, or a little lightening of your color can go a long way towards beating your Winter blues. So, I went for it!

Now that I'm a little more than a month in, I feel like I can say with some authority what to expect of you decide to go platinum. Here are the 7 things I've learned about taking things to the next (blonde) level. 

1) Do not go for a full bleach job. Seriously. That platinum look can be achieved just as easily with a lot of highlights. A lot. The first time you will be really blonde, the next few times you will be really, really, really blonde. I find the building of the color is what gives you the most dimension. Bonus, there is no bleach on your scalp i.e. no burning. 

2) You cannot freak out about the roots. If roots bother you, this look is not for you. With this kind of hue, you are going to have roots, you just have to embrace them. I went back after 4 weeks for a touch up, and was told wait 5 or 6 for the next time. I swear I will try my damnedest to hold out that long. 

3) Condition, condition, and condition some more. For the week or two after I get my color, I use a deep mask every time I'm in the shower. Now, my bleached hair feels exactly like my regular hair. I find that a hair oil is also great to have on hand, as well. 

4) Go easy on the heat. Now that my hair is super blonde, I actually prefer it pulled back in a pony/ bun with some bobby pins, which is good considering that putting heat on damaged hair is the key to breakage. If you are going to process the crap out of your hair, try not to fry it as well. I now use my curling iron, blow dryer in small doses. So far, so good. 

5) Wear a lot of black. Okay, that isn't really a "rule," but it is the fastest way to add instant chic to your look. I get more compliments than ever now, when I'm wearing all black, with my fierce white hair. I for one, am not complaining. 

6) Shorter is better. Listen, no one tries for Pamela Anderson's hair from the Baywatch days, but somehow when hair is long, and bleached, it tends to take on that look. As someone who grew up in Southern California I can say with 100% certainty that there is only a handful of people in this world who can pull off long, platinum hair. When in doubt, go for a big chop first. 

7) Own your look. Yes, white(ish) hair can be a little shocking. I spend the first two weeks hiding under my head of it. Once I grew to love it (which I now do, and swear I will have this for the rest of my life) I found that if you just own your look, those around you will grow to love it too. Yes, I'm pretty much talking about my husband, but really, confidence goes a long way with this look, 

Those are my 7 rules (so far). I'm not sure if I'm really keeping this look forever, but right now I am oh so happy with it. For the first time, in a long time, I'm not dreaming about what is next for my hair. Progress, people. Progress!