Day Dates.


Do you all have a set "date night" with your significant other?  My husband and I used to be so good about it before Gray was born. Every Saturday night we would put the LM down, get dressed up, and then head out to a new restaurant that we had been dying to try.  Sometimes casual, sometimes a little more upscale, sometimes we would even go crazy and hit a movie after, but always on a Saturday. 

After about a year, our weekly dates fizzled out.  I'm sure it had something to do with the birth of Gray, although I vaguely remember it stopping sometime before then.  Honestly, I think we both just got lazy. I have to admit, the idea of putting both kids down now, and then showering, doing my hair, wearing heels (!!!) to go out into the cold dark night just sounds so unappealing.  So unappealing.  I'm pretty sure we would both sit there, thinking about how warm it would be under the blanket, and what show du jour we would rather be watching. Does this make us lame? Probably. Do we care? Not really. 

This is why I love the idea of a day date. It's something my girlfriend and her husband adopted when they moved to NYC, and once Spring rolls around, I plan on getting my husband signed up right away. Basically a day date is the same thing as a day night, except you do it in the afternoon, on a weekend. For me this simple idea was a lightbulb moment. We could spend the morning with the kids, and then at 3pm leave. No cooking dinner, no baths, no bed time routine, nada. Instead we could do all the things we are always taking about doing, going to a museum, going to yoga together, watching a movie, grabbing an early dinner, I'm sure I could even get him to look at some furniture ;). The best part is, the date would be over by eight, which means we still get to come home and kiss the kiddos, throw on some pajamas, plop down on the sofa, and DID I MENTION it would only be 8pm!!! 

I find this concept to be so genius, and yet I know very few people who do this? Am I just the last person on Earth to figure this out, or is it really just that awesome of an idea? 

Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary for my babe and I. It's a big one, so I think I might try to negotiate 52 day dates this year. Poor guy isn't going to know what hit him! 

Happy 10 years, my love!

(Photo via Love Actually)