Back Tomorrow! (for real)

These kids are giving me a run for my money this Winter Break. The Winter part seems the be the clincher, with snow, rain, and sub zero temps spoiling any chance of getting my two feral children's energy out. I would take them out in anything, but they seem to prefer saying "stop it" on repeat, and going from room to room, dumping out every possession we own. The fun part is when we all get to clean it up, battling all the way, and then we rinse and repeat. We've had some good moments, the best being when the LM and I went skiing yesterday (can you guess that he loved it?), and our first sleepover (equally awesome) but generally I'm counting the minutes until break is over, tomorrow. 

I really miss this virtual space, and as soon as I get 5 minutes of breathing room, I will be back. I never wanted to be one of those bloggers who disappears every day or two, and I know I have become that girl. Tomorrow starts a new chapter around here folks... stay tuned.