Winter Uniform: Black on Black on Black (and repeat)

 Baby it's cold outside, and that means only one thing… winter is here! Ugh. Wearing all black during the cooler months is nothing new for most of you, but I usually tend to shy away from the dark side. Up until this year, my cold weather uniform consisted of mainly grey and navy, but recently I have fully adopted the motto that back is the new black. Every day, I find myself reaching for the few black pieces in my closet, and I've pretty much been wearing them on repeat. I don't know if it's my new blond locks that have made the difference, or the fact that I'm gravitating more and more towards a classic tomboy(ish) look, but whatever it is, I'm loving it, and now I'm dying to scoop up a few more pieces for my closet. 

Think all black is a little boring, or depressing in the cooler months? Think again! These ladies prove that black on black on black is the easiest way to get an instantly chic look, while braving the elements. 

Get the look with these budget friendly pieces! 

clockwise from top left

Stay warm, my friends!