Weekend Links.

… and it's FINALLY Friday! This will go down as one long week around here. I have had the worst cold since last weekend, that just so happened to coincide with the little boy we carpool with. So, basically I've been spreading the plague up and down the Mass pike for the last 5 days. One more pick-up and it's over! I am slowly starting to feel better, and just in time for the epic snow that's on it's way. Sleds have been procured, hot cocoa dates made, and now it's time to bundle up and wait for the first few flakes to fall. Pre- Christmas, snow = awesome. Post, snow = motherf^%&er. Am I right?

Assuming the city isn't shut down, on Sunday I'm surprising my Little Man with a date to the Nutcracker and he has no idea! All I told him is that he needs to wear a jacket and a tie, and he can pick me up in my room at 4. He knows that I will be wearing high heels and lipstick, so he's pretty sure it is something big! I think we will grab pizza on the way, and then fancy hot chocolates at the W Hotel. I cannot wait to see his face once we actually get to the show!

I hope you all have something amazing planned. Be safe on those roads out there… this is going to be a big one! Here are a few links from around the web to kick off your weekend!

Ever since I first heard this song, it has been playing on repeat in my car. I love it so, so much. 

How incredibly powerful is this commercial? Hopefully this is just the first in a much needed shift in the messaging to women. 

Gray's nursery was featured on Parent Magazine's online site! What an honor!

This is so funny and is SO something my husband would do, minus the scooter. We are most definitely pro scooter people!

Another great gift for anyone on your list!

I am trying with all my might to break my sugar addiction. I read this diary with great interest, and I hope that after one week I find a similar result. 

J.Crew is taking over the world

I want to make this so badly for the kids for Christmas next year. Will one of you please hold me to it? Jenny never ceases to amaze. 

All of these… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm obsessed. 

We had this last night, and it was delicious! Note: I substituted broth for the water, and added a little red chili. 

I found this article, and the one that preceded it, regarding traditional role reversals so fascinating. For obvious reasons I related so strongly to the men featured. There was a quote by one of them stating, "… the thing that is important is that I started to redefine my personal notions of success to fit in with being a stay at home dad. That has alleviated a lot of stress that comes when one person gives up a career to stay at home." This really resonated with me, and is something that I have definitely been mulling over in my head since I read it. 

Finally, what an eye-opener this powerful photo series is. I think it's more important than ever to share images like this with your children, this time of year.

See you all Monday!