The Perfect (Goes With Anything, Anywhere) Rug.

 We have been in serious need of a new living room rug, for some time now. Our old rug had some problems with the glue underneath it, and from month one, it started to show some runs in some pretty obvious places. The vendor we got it from was less than helpful, and after months of angry phone calls, we realized that we were stuck with it. It served its purpose, but after having two kids basically grow up on the thing, it became pretty clear that a replacement was going to be needed. I looked around for about 6 months, and just couldn't find what I was looking for. Once the sofa was recovered I knew I wanted something light in color, that would add some texture to the room, without breaking the bank.  

enter the West Elm Souk rug. 

I know, this rug is pretty much every where, and initially I was on the fence about getting it. BUT once it arrived, I realized why it is every where… it's because it is absolutely perfect. Like perfect, perfect. Yes, it sheds like crazy in the beginning, but once we got past that, I realized I was crazy not to get it sooner. The texture adds so much to the room, and the bonus is that it is so incredibly soft to sit on. Now that we have it the kids are always playing on the floor, and the deep shag is amazing for hiding any dirt. 

here's a little souk inspiration. 

and our rug in action!

The Souk really is where it's at. My only regret is not getting a bigger size!