O Christmas Tree.

 Sunday, was the much anticipated day when we picked up our Christmas tree. The kids are SO in to it this year, they would have bought one the day after Halloween if we had let them. We have talked about this day for over a month now, so I was beyond elated when it finally came. 

 After 12 years together, and an equal number of trees, my husband and I have finally gotten this Christmas tree thing figured out, and I have two things to thank for that. The first, and most important, is getting the right stand. For years, and years, and years, we had a too small stand, that neither of us refused to give up on, and after too many leaning trees, I finally bit the bullet and got a stand that could probably hold the tree in Rockefeller Center. Game changer, people. The second thing we have learned is that you've got to get your tree from the right spot. Yes, I would love to cross country ski out in to the woods somewhere, and chop our own tree down, but we are years away from that happening, so we still pick ours up. After some trial and error, we found the perfect place in Somerville (right next to the old police station) and we haven't been let down yet! They have a great selection, parking, incredible wreaths, and the second you pick out your tree it is whisked away, and placed *wrapped* on top of your car. This may not seem like a big deal, but with two kids running around it is so nice, I shed a tear each time we pull away, with just how easy it goes. 

Of course, getting the right tree is essential and after some serious negotiating (between the Little Man and I) I think this year we got our best one yet. I prefer tall and skinny (like my men ;)) and the LM likes them fat. Here he is trying to plead his case. 

… and Gray is like, "whatever you two… this is just so awesome."

We finally found our winner.

Which was VERY exciting!

Gray helped to pick out the wreaths (my favorite!)

20 minutes later we were in business. 

We spent last night decorating the tree as a family, but this guy likes to keep the party going and has re-hung everything in reach ALL.MORNING.LONG.

Our 2013 tree! She's a beauty! The best part is that this morning we woke up to snow! It sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!