Let's Talk About Summer.

I know it hasn't technically even started yet, but I am already totally OVER Winter. Perhaps its a) the foot of ice/snow outside my door, or b) that my 10 minute commute home last night took over an hour, or c) maybe because it was -1 outside when I took the LM skating on Saturday, or d) all of the above, but basically I am so done with the cold and I am already dreaming of warmer weather. Beach weather specifically. Even though every piece of Fall/ Winter clothing seems to be on sale right now, I just can't bring myself to purchase any of it, because it just feels like I am giving in to the cold if I do so. Instead, I've just decided to jump two seasons ahead, and fill my wardrobe with some much needed beach items. Not Summer mind you, but beach.

 I know, I live in Boston, but this year the kids and I will be spending almost 2 months Costa Rica, and after a decade, I have yet to figure out the right wardrobe for such a hot and humid place. I used to basically live in denim cutoffs and tank tops, but the denim never seems to dry, and after one trip the tanks never seem to fare that well. I never want to bring any of my "nice" Summer clothes, because those too can get destroyed living and walking through a jungle. During our last trip, I realized what I really needed are some killer suits, and a few breezy coverups made of linen or unlined fabric, and then I could probably pack for a month in nothing more than a handbag. I spent some time trying to find the right pieces, but couldn't find anything that I loved, that wouldn't fully break the bank. 

Enter MIKOH.

Somehow I ended up following Kelly Slater's adorable girlfriend on Instagram, and it turns out that she has a killer swimsuit and cover up line. I wasn't blown away by the 2012/13 pieces, but when I stumbled upon 2014 I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Not only is it exactly what I have been looking for, but most of the pieces are plus/ minus $100. Um, sold! I had a bit of a hard time tracking down a site that sold everything, but this one  seemed to have the best selection. I am now eagerly awaiting my purchase to arrive, mostly because just having it here means there is a chance that someday soon, I will be trading my snow boots in for flip-flops. Even if that day is 3 freezing months away. 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection.

Gorgeous, right? Well done ladies, well done. 

Now, if there was only a way to purchase that perfect tan, and surfer bond hair! Maybe they throw that in as an extra bonus ;).