Merry Christmas!

 I hope you all had a great one! Our toned downed Christmas was a smashing success, so much so that we all stayed in our pajamas the whole day, and never left the house. If you've ever met my family, you know that we can start climbing the walls after about an hour when we are all home together, so you know we were having a good time! The only downer over this week and the last is that I have been so sick. Remember when I complained a few weeks back about the cold that wouldn't quit? Well, it still hasn't quit, and now I have completely lost my voice, which has made it quite challenging to yell at my kiddos ;). This is is why I've been absent from the blog… well that, and the fact that I am coming off of what will forever be called #bestweekever. Yes, EVER. Here is a look at what went down. 

Before the weekend began we had snow. And then more snow. Gray took every opportunity he could to try to eat it. We all know how this ends in the movies...

The Little Man and I went to the Nutcracker, which he LOVED. Whew. The whole night was magical, one I won't soon forget 

and THEN the weekend began. 

On Friday, my best friend in our trio of three took the train up from NYC so together we could all see Beyonce!!! Oh my god. The show was insane, and our seats were unexpectedly amazing.

Yep, she is the queen. I bow down. 

The next day I packed up the kids, and we drove back to NYC where my girlfriend trifecta was again reunited. While the kids spent time with their beloved Auntie, we had dinner here, at abc kitchen. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

and then saw the show Sleep No More which was so crazy, so good, and like nothing I've ever seen before. You will have to read these reviews to get the full picture, but really, if you can, go see it for yourself. It's so worth it!

As if the concert, dinner, and a movie weren't indulgent enough, the next morning the three of us spent the morning floating in the Turkish baths that are heaven AIRE. I've been to a few spas in my life, and this one most definitely took the cake. You can bet I'll be back there again soon!

After the baths, I met up with my boys, and we spent the next day pretending we were New Yorkers. Here we are on the subway on our way to Grand Central Station.

With a stop to escape the rain at Build a Bear. This unexpectedly was the highlight of their trip… go figure. 

We went to Rockefeller Center to see the tree..

… which was very quickly trumped by the adjacent Lego store. (Not a surprise)

After seeing three floors of Legos, we made our way over to the famed Museum of Natural History. 

Which was fun, but exhausting. 

The next day, after my favorite dinner, we headed back to Boston. Luckily it was Christmas eve, so the excitement just continued!

Before bed, the boys exchanged pajamas (I die) and we had a great night with my sister and her boyfriend.

Christmas day we exchanged presents, minds were blown, and fingers were worked to the bone building Legos. In short, the kids had a great time.

What Christmas is complete without a movie and popcorn? This is pretty much what we have been doing since Wednesday. 

Now it's Friday, we are still laying low and the kids are home for another week! I hope to get back to posting regularly, but you know how it is when the littles are home!

I wish you all a great weekend! xoxo