So, did you all survive the big holiday? We did. Barely. The kids are still home from school, and my husband is in Chicago, and I feel like Thanksgiving was last month already, but such is life with little kids. The day of was actually pretty pleasant, which began with a freezing 4 mile run with some good friends. After that the gloves came off when it came time to get down to turkey, and I've never been so happy to see a bowl of mashed potatoes in my life! We are now in full Christmas mode around here, with Rudolph on repeat, egg nog as our only beverage option, and holiday music programmed in the car. I'm already way over it all, but it makes the kids so damn happy, I just can't help myself. 

I've been working on my annual holiday gift guides, and they will be starting up tomorrow! Until then, here is a little glimpse of what has been going on around here. 

{It turns out we have a very naughty elf… (a lot of explanation went in to that last one)}

{I said "smile!" and got this}

{Men at work. About 40% of the candy actually made it on to the house}

{Me trying to get crafty}

{Trying *hard*}

{This is what Movember did to my handsome husband. Dec 1 could not come fast enough}

{This one lives for the ball pit}

{Home cooking, and by "home" I mean picked up from Whole Foods and heated in the oven.

{The kids have been coloring in this box for over a week. If I had known it would be this easy to entertain them, I would have hit up our local Uhaul a long time ago!}