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A Toned Down Christmas.

 Confession: Our last Christmas was slightly out of control and the morning ended with the most epic fight that we as a family have ever had. There were just way too many presents. It was a combination of me being hyper organized, and it being the first Christmas that both boys remember being a part of. Also, our kids are the only grand kids, nephews, etc… so even without realizing it things start to add up. My husband hates "stuff" and "waste" and I'm all about making magical memories, and last year it just didn't work. We had my sister and her boyfriend over first thing in the morning , and a few hours later the kids were bouncing off the walls, a combination of present overload, coupled with sugar overload, and everyone pretty much lost their damn minds by noon.

 That night, over a very large glass of wine, we decided that this coming year we would do things a little differently. We would spend the month of Christmas making memories that didn't include actual gifts, and on Christmas day we would really limit what the kids received, keeping it small with just our family of four. My annoyingly, always right husband, made the point that unlike when we were kids and holidays were pretty much the only time we received gifts, our kids pretty much get what they want throughout the year. I don't think they are spoiled exactly, it's just that if they really want something, there is always a way to "earn" it, whether it's allowance, star charts, the first and final day of school surprise, or the we're going on vacation for a month and you all need a few things so you don't kill each other. You all know the deal. By the time they get even more for Christmas and Birthdays, things can get a little excessive. Let's not even get in to the fact that I'm the one who then constantly has to pick up, organize and find space for everything.

I really took our conversation to heart and this year we have definitely made a change. As a family we got really in to the Christmas spirit, with crafts, the elf on the shelf, cookie and gingerbread making, tree trimming, etc, and then found ways to get the kids involved in giving back. Each were responsible for getting toys for their Toys for Tots collection and we "adopted" someone in need to help make their Christmas dreams come true. I've had a lot of discussion with the kids about what happened in the Philippines and how much need there is around the world, as well as close to home, and the LM has really responded to that. He/ we decided that the boys would only get 3 toys (Lego's for the LM) and anything else would be items they actually needed (pajamas, blankets for their beds, books.) While they won't have a ton to open the day of, I know what they are receiving in exactly what they want, and there will definitely not be any opening, and then quickly moving on to the next box like last year. They are going to be psyched, and we are going to escape world war three. We also reached out the the extended family, and each have, or will, receive something when we are all together. That way they get to see them enjoying it, and the kids will really remember who it was from. Short of a new (much needed) Nespresso machine, we aren't doing any gifts for us adults, and we let the kids know that it's because we have everything we need. 

I realize that none of this is exactly groundbreaking, but I have to say it has been really refreshing for me, because it allowed me to make more positive memories with the kids, over more time and it has also made gift buying and giving a breeze. We are still going to spend time with our extended family on Christmas eve, and the day ofafter the present opening is done (which should be pretty quick) we are all looking forward to going to the movies. It should be a nice day. A nice, toned down day. xx


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