2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Kiddos.

Kids are pretty much the easiest to shop for anytime of the year, because let's be honest, if it's new, they love it. This goes for boxes, paper towel rolls, rubber bands…  and toys too! The trick, I find, it to get them things that have the potential for a long life, while being equally as cool as something that is plastic, lights up, and has 10,000 buttons. While those things seem great at first, we all know that they can get fairly bored with them easily, and they pretty much break as soon as the first batteries die out. The trick is finding something that they will be excited about, but that will also still be in use once New Year's day rolls around. 

Here are a few things that I find to be little kid, and Mom and Dad approved!

I love getting new artwork for the boy's rooms, and what little guy or girl wouldn't be thrilled with a sweet new print from Sharon Montrose. I have the giraffe in Gray's room, and it makes me smile every time I see it. 

Can you imagine their surprise if you turned their favorite piece of artwork in to a toy? This site does just that! I am dying to do this for my boys!

I love the tradition of giving a new pair of pajamas on Christmas eve, and this set is too cute for words! I picked these up for my little ones, and it will be the first matching thing they own. You all can bet there will be plenty of pictures to follow!

If my Little Man could suggest one gift, it would without question be this Advent Calendar. Every morning I hear him run up the stairs at 6:45 and burst in to his brother's room, where immediately "lego, lego"  starts coming from the monitor. Opening the window is the highlight of their little lives right now. 25 days of pure joy. 

I love this unique globe for a kid's room. It's functional and stylish, and practical too!

These Melissa and Doug Whittle World sets are a huge hit around here. They have planes, school buses,  trains, fire trucks. Basically every thing a little guy or girl loves!

How cute are these personalized sleeping bags? Both my kids would be so exited to get one of these!

This little planet mobile is out of this world! :) Perfect for a nursery or even for a big kids room!

I can't forget all those sweet little babies out there! These little moccasins are so dang cute, they make my heart swoon! 

Finally, I know I don't know a whole lot about little girls these days, but I do know fashion, and this little top is beyond adorable! I only wish they made it in my size!

There you have it! 10 great ideas for the little ones in your life! I owe you all some weekend links, and promise to try to get them up tomorrow afternoon! Until then, bundle up! I think pretty much all of us are in for some cold weather and even snow! 'Tis the season!