2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him.

 I know it's cliche to say that men are really hard to shop for, but you know what? Men are really hard to shop for! Sadly, my husband is no exception! The man wants nothing, needs nothing, hates gifts… blah, blah, blah BUT he always is incredibly surprised (and happy) when I find something out there that he didn't know he wanted, but somehow can't live without. After some serious digging, I think I came up with the perfect gift (hint it's on this list) but one or two others may just find their way under the tree this year, and hopefully I won't find myself standing in line to return them December 26th, because that has never happened before (insert sarcastic eye roll here.)

 Here are a few great options for your hard to shop for man. 

For the guy who loves the ocean, this book is a must. Every year I put this on my list, and then I forget to pick it up. The bonus is that while he will love leafing through it, it also looks pretty awesome on display in your home. I mean, the red spine alone is the clincher!

This is pretty much the perfect gift for anyone who has an iPhone, but my husband especially. With the flick of a switch, this case gives you a 100% full battery, thus avoiding the text "my phone is about to die" which is pretty much the norm around here, at 4pm every day. Genius! (Note: My girlfriend who bought this said to make sure you buy from the manufacturer, and not from Amazon. There are quite of few of these out their that are counterfeit and don't work!)

This is perhaps the most beautiful camera case ever, which conveniently also holds a laptop. It's such a great gift for a man who travels around the world, or for those who live the weekend soccer/ hockey/ football circuit . There is a canvas version for about half the price, and both are sure to please the budding photographer in your life.  

Some classics never go out of style, and this T-shirt is one of them. I have to admit, I kind of love the idea of my husband wearing the same shirt that my Dad used to, when I was growing up!

These may just be the greatest shoes ever invented, and really are a necessity for anyone who lives in a mixed weather climate. They look like sneakers, but have the traction of a rain boot, the grip of a snow boot, and are lined on the inside for warmth. Don't ask me how I know this, but if your man's size is sold out online, the Niketown in Times Square has a ton of them, and they will ship to your house ;)

When the New York Times switched over to a paid online service, we protested for all of about two weeks before signing up for a digital subscription and it the #1 thing we refuse to give up. Get it for any of the men in your life and, "borrow" their password. It's the gift that will forever keep on giving. 

These shirts, based on Famous novels are too cool! They also have some great kid's ones as well! I feel like the Outsiders one is the perfect gift for the hipster man in your life. 

What man doesn't need a Dopp kit? This guy is beautiful, and affordable!

Finally, I have this lens for my iPhone to take videos of the LM skating, and it really is amazing. It basically turns your iPhone in to a "real" camera/ video camera, and can give it that fish eye effect, which is great for filming movies. 

Tomorrow, it's kids and babies!