2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her.

 It's that time of the year again, time for the annual holiday gift guide! I don't know about you all, but I love seeing what everyone around the interwebs dreams up for their ideal Christmas wish list. So, like every year, I decided to get in on the fun! This is pretty much my wish list, with a few of my favorite things thrown in.

Without further ado, here are my top ten picks for her.

I can say 100%, without a doubt, I am probably the worst person on the planet when it comes to arranging flowers. I really just don't get it, and thus, rarely buy them. This book reads exactly like a cookbook, and is the perfect gift for someone who can follow a recipe (me!) without having to use an ounce of creativity (me! me!) I have a strong suspicion that Santa is leaving this guy under the tree for moi this year. 

 I am not a huge jewelry fan, but right now I am pretty obsessed with the gold bar necklace. It's such a simple and sexy piece, and I'm pretty sure any lady in your life would be happy to open this on Christmas morning!

I picked up this clutch from Madewell a few weeks back, and I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I've received while carrying it! It's a nice roomy clutch, with a separate coin purse, and the gold bar, and chain instantly add style to any outfit.  

When we were in Costa Rica last, I was turned on to the swimsuit/wetsuit and fell in love with the concept, basically because like everyone else, I hate cold water. That means this is pretty much the perfect gift for anyone, but even more so for those moms who have to climb in cold pools for swimming lessons, or anyone who has ever dared to go in to the ocean in New England (even in the Summer!)

This is #1 on my wish list. A one year subscription to the great magazine ever created. Enough said. 

An incredibly chic apron for the women in your life who aren't afraid of the kitchen. This one is small enough that should would most definitely remember to put it on!

I absolutely love this peace sculpture, perfect for the free spirit in your family! 

There is nothing better than a fresh pair of running shoes. I love this black and white pair, it makes a statement, but still goes with everything. 

I've mentioned these shoes here before, but what can I say? I just can't get enough of them. I'm pretty sure whoever receives these would wear them every day! Hint hint, handsome hubby of mine. 

Finally, this isn't technically "for her" but it is toping my current wish list. Right now, wall tapestries are seriously having a moment, and this one is begging me to get it for my guest room. Don't you hear the pleading? I think it's perfect in every way!

Up next, gifts for the men in your life!