Monday Links.


Look at that, it's Monday already. Sorry for the missed post on Friday, I blame the sugar hangover! This year solidified it for me, Halloween has become my absolute favorite holiday. Christmas just can't compete with hay rides, spiked cider, and my kids faces when they running from house to house looking for candy handouts. I wish I could just bottle that joy up! 

Did you all have nice weekend, despite the evilest of days? You know, the day we all get to spend an extra hour with our kids... at 5am? Based on my Facebook feed it seems that those of you without children actually like this dreadful tradition. I find it to be the worst gift, that keeps on giving... for about a month. Grrrrrr.

Over the weekend, we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday with one of the the best meals we have ever had at a Cambridge institution, and cocktails to follow here. Before you think we were too crazy, let me assure you that we were back home by 9pm. Living on the wild side ;) 

Here are a few fun links from around the web to kick off this cold Monday. 

A $120 room makeover that made me pick my jaw up from off the floor.

On slowing down.

Love this shared room!

A beautiful look for those upcoming holiday parties.

To go with this perfect party dress (at a great price!)

Jenna, timeless Jenna.

Tonight, I'm going to whip up some homemade pizza's and try this fiery recipe out!

Made me laugh!

I've found my inspiration for next year's halloween ball! What a gorgeous head piece!

An adorable snow suit for baby.

... and a much needed new coat for Gray at 40% off!

You had me at Nutella.

I'm jumping on the bandwagon, and starting this tonight. Anyone finished it yet?

A heartwarming story for this chilly day. The fact that the kids decided to do this on their own, gives me hope for the future.

I know I'm all about de-cluttering, but then I see a home like this one, and it just screams cozy. It's such a fine line.

Finally, Noooooooooo and Noooooooo!