Home For The Holidays.

This year, my immediate family and I are doing something we haven't done since long before the birth of the Little Man… we are staying home for the Holidays! Not just Thanksgiving, but Christmas too. Due to combination of ticket prices, and scheduling headaches, this year we are forgoing our big trip to Maryland for turkey day, and also the trip to California that usually follows a few weeks later. At first we were really disappointed about not spending this time with both our families, but right now, as a massive storm is coming our way, I have to say I couldn't be happier about our decision to stay put. I am really looking forward to making some new holiday traditions, ones that just can't be done when you are packing and unpacking for a solid month. 

For instance, almost every year, except I think one, we picked up our Christmas tree around Dec 23, or 24, which is usually a hurried event because we just flew in the night before, and I am in a panic to get everything done before Christmas Eve. I think last year, we may have gotten it a few weeks earlier, and I remember that the tree was almost dead when we got back from California! This year, I'm really looking forward to picking out a tree, as a family, not at the beginning or the end of the month, but smack in the middle! I'm also looking forward to little things with the kids, the nightly Elf on the Shelf, Advent calendars, slowly decorating the house, skating on the Frog Pond, and not having nightmares about layovers, snowstorms, and cranky toddlers! 

The best part is, most the family that we are missing during this holiday season will be joining us for Spring Break in Costa Rica, so while we are disappointed that we won't be spending time with them the next few weeks, we have a much bigger (and warmer) adventure ahead early next year, AND not being away allowed me a few days before Christmas to head to NYC with the kiddos in tow for some much needed girl time with my best friends, and my SIL. You guys, I could not be more excited!

So, this year we will have a few of our own traditions. A vegetarian Thanksgiving courtesy of Whole Foods (regular for the boys :)),  and my husband is already plotting a nap time surf trip up to New Hampshire while the boys are anxiously awaiting a movie afternoon. After a trip to Michaels, I am ready to attempt my first "table scape" (warning, the spray paint will be flying!) and I'm also going to run my first Turkey Trot on the big day. Through the *magic* of Skype, we will most definitely be checking in with both our families… but there is a chance I will be in my Pajamas. I mean, if it's just the four of us, is there any reason to get dressed? I think not.

How about you all? Do you usually stay home, or travel to see your family? For those of you who are flying out Wednesday, I wish you safe and delay free trip!

(Photo via Design Sponge)