Wardrobe Essentials: Save, Crave, Investment #7

 Brrrrrrrrrr! Fall is officially here, and man, after the 70 degree days we have been having, I am so not ready! I always find that days like these are the hardest to dress for. You leave the house in sweater and a coat, and in the afternoon you are sweating to death, and leave your coat behind. Then at the end of the day you are freezing again! It's a vicious cycle.

 This is where the fisherman sweater comes in, it's warm enough to wear by itself, easy to layer over or under, and in the winter you can pile the down coat on top to survive those sub-zero days. Consider this the first tool in you New England survivor kit! My favorite thing about the fisherman sweater is that it looks stylish with just about anything. Skinny jeans? Check. A skirt and tights? Check. Wool pants... cords, leather pants... you get the idea.

Here is some inspiration, and the crave/ save/ investment options. I have the "investment" sweater, and it is perfection! 

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