Wardrobe Essentials: Save, Crave, Investment #6

Thinking about it, the chambray shirt probably should have been #1 on my wardrobe essentials list. I'm slightly embarrassed about how many times a week that I wear mine, I have to wonder if the teachers at the kid's schools think I only have one shirt to my name! It really is the perfect layering piece and you can wear it with anything and everything, from leather leggings, to a maxi shirt. With a sequin pencil skirt or a pair of denim cutoffs. The list is endless. Unlike a T-shirt, the chambray shirt gives instant style, and the the comfort factor alone is what keeps me grabbing for it day after day. If you don't have this staple in your wardrobe, you might want to reconsider that one. Your weekends will never be the same again! Here is a little chambray inspiration, and the most perfect shirt ever created. 

I know I usually give you all three options for the "essentials" but guys, when it comes to the perfect chambray shirt, there is no better one than this guy from J. Crew. It really is the best. At 78 bucks it's a crave/save/investment all in one. I have worn mine so much it's almost see thru from being washed so much. Next time J. Crew has a sale, you can bet this is going to be in my shopping cart!