The New/ Old Cut.

 Stop me if you heard this one before. 

Friday, on a whim, I popped in to my hairdressers, and without hesitation I pleaded with him to chop all my hair off. Okay, not all off, but definitely a good amount (3 inches to be exact) and given that my hair was already above my shoulders... for me, this was a pretty big deal! I know, I know, I tend to have a love hate relationship with my hair, and I'm starting to realize that nothing gives me more of a thrill than dreaming of the perfect cut or color change, obsessing about it for days/weeks and then going for it! But, what I've found is that a few weeks later I'm already a bit bored of it, and the cycle starts again. This, my friends, is why I probably shouldn't get any more tattoos. I swear it's the same thing!

When I came home with my freshly cut do, I knew I was in love, but I still had to laugh when my husband told me that I basically had the same cut that I've had on and off for the last 12 years. I tried to argue with him, but while washing my hair that evening, I realized that he had a point. Yes, it's kind of the same below the chin length bob that I somehow always end up with after spending years growing my hair out, but I swear this one just feels different. Most definitely more modern than the bob of yesteryear. Perhaps its the ombre, which is finally exactly how I wanted, or the middle part that five years ago I wouldn't have dared trying out, and the blunt ends are something I never had at this length before. I'm sure I'm slightly more in to given that everyone, everywhere is chopping their hair, and really they all look so much better. Who knew?  Or maybe, in the end, it's just that this is the best haircut for my thin(ish) hair and even though I grit my teeth when I hear the word "bob" it's what I should probably keep forever. Well, that or the next 6 months, which in my world might as well be forever. 

So, without further ado, the new/old cut. The best part? No blowdrying necessary. 

I really love this cut, so please please, when I get itchy for a change, can someone please reach through the screen and give me a good shake? We all know it's bound to happen one of these days!