Serena and Lily, Build a Bed.

Confession: Sometimes I lie awake at night obsessing over design decisions, usually bedding and paint related, until I get so crazed in my own head that I finally fall asleep. Part of it is because I am a little crazy, and the other part is because I really (really) like patterns, and sometimes what I think will look good in my head, doesn't always look as good in person. Because I am a 100 percent online shopper, this means my local UPS store has me on speed dial, and I'm not going to lie, I have a small closet full of fabrics that are waiting for a good home. Preferably in my future house. 

This is why I was so excited when I stumbled upon the Make Your Own Bed feature over at Serena and Lily. Earlier in the day, I had received an email that they are having their friends and family sale right now, and I'm still deciding what sheets I want to get for our guest room. A while back, during another sale, I purchased the Catalina duvet cover, and I've just been trying to nail down the wallpaper before I finish buying for the room. While on the site, I found this this new feature, and I swear it was made for people like me!!! (Does this mean I'm not the only one?) I love that you get to "try" everything out first, and unlike a mood board, you can see what the actual final product will be. If only every site did this, I swear I would never make a return again! 

Below are a few options I created, and I'm kind of partial to the bottom two. I love that you can try combinations you never considered and that all the inventory is laid out on one page. I have a feeling that I'm going to be playing with this for the next few days. 

They even let you design kid's beds (my favorite!) For fun, I put together a bed perfect for a big boy room, and a girl's bed that has me rethinking that whole no more kids policy. ;)

Such a great tool, right? That plus the 20% off means they are pretty much killing it right now! 

... and now I'm going back to making beds!