Our Favorite Children's Books.

 Around the time school started, something magical happened in our house. At night, after dinner and baths, BOTH of our kids decided that they wanted nothing more than to sit and read books on the sofa with us. Usually for as long as we are willing to do so. Prior to the birth of Gray, this was something we did every night, but I have to admit that this tradition got lost in the mix the two years that followed.

 Until recently, most nights I would climb in bed with the LM and read to him, while my husband would try to corral Gray long enough for us to get through at least a book or two. Sure we would "read" to Gray, but I have to be honest, he was usually happier throwing the book than listening to it, and any books that he would want to read were too "baby" for the LM (his words, of course.)

 Over the Summer I did a large book and toy purge, while prepping the boy's room for the makeover, and I tried to pull out all the books that the LM really, really loved for the past few years. It's not surprising that Gray too started to love these books, and by having his old favorites on hand, the LM has become incredibly excited about sharing these with his baby brother. Sure, we still try to sneak in our Harry Potter time, but most nights I let each boy pick out one book, and then we all decide on one book together (usually a new library book.) I've noticed a trend over the last few weeks, that the boys tend to gravitate to books in the same series over and over. Some of it has to do with the content (trucks, superheros, etc) but more so I think it has to do with the fact that these are just really good books. I never tire of reading them, and the boys rarely tire of hearing them. For you seasoned parents out there, most of these will not some as a surprise, but for you newbies, or those looking for gifts, here are the book series that get 4 thumbs up from my little guys (mom and dad too.)

Awesome Man is by far the LM's most favorite book. The second in the series Bumblebee Boy is great for those with siblings!

From day one, any and every Leslie Patricelli book has been a hit in our house. I'm pretty sure we own every book she's ever written. Yummy Yucky has to be the house favorite, followed closely by No No. Yes Yes. Gray probably asks to read it no less than 15 times a day!

I Stink is a story about a garbage truck. I'm not exactly sure what the allure is, but every kid I know who's read it, loves it. There are two other books in the series I'm Mighty and I'm Dirty.

Knuffle Bunny is by far my favorite children's book EVER. So is pretty much every other Mo Willems book, but Knuffle Bunny takes the cake. There are three book in the series, and we usually have to read them all once we get started. I still get teary at the end of book three!

I have to say I will buy any and every book that Todd Parr writes. The man is a genius when it comes to explaining "big" things to children in a way they can easily comprehend. The Family Book is forever on the top of my reading list, followed closely by The Earth Book. If you have yet to crack open this series, I say run to your local library now!

What about you all? Do you have any books your kids can't get enough of? I'd love to hear!