De-cluttering the Kitchen.

 I've been meaning to put up pictures of the new (now sort of old) kitchen tile... you know, the tile that my Dad was able to get me for 1/2 price, amazing tile? But every time I went to take a picture I just kept thinking something was off. After a visit from my girlfriend, I realized that there was just too much "stuff" all around, and my tile, and gorgeous lights were just getting lost in the mix. As much as I loved the EAT letters, and whimsical chach, all of it together was just too much. After some serious cleansing, I cleaned off every counter, and the fridge, and what was under there was so beautiful, I kicked myself for covering it up in the first place. When it comes to our kitchen I have learned that less is most definitely more. 

The before and after... and a close up of THAT TILE!