Current Lust Item: Carter Kustera Portraits.

 The plan for our soon to be guest room is almost done, and at this point I'm just waiting on Gray to make the move to his big boy bed (more on this later.) The one thing that is undecided is the age old, "to wallpaper or not to wallpaper?" I come from the school of, anything is better with wallpaper, whereas my husband just hears the words wall+paper together and cringes. 

When it comes to our guest room, I go back and forth. Yes, it would be amazing in this print and it would add so much character to the room. On the other hand, this isn't our forever home, and given how high the ceilings are, this would not be a cheap addition. Plus, it's a guest room, and we really don't have that many visitors, so why break the bank there? You see what I'm doing here, don't you? Yes, I think I might be trying to talk myself out of it all together.

 Either way, the room will most definitely need a new coat of paint, I'm thinking this, and there is quite a bit of wall space that needs to be filled. I'd love to do a gallery wall, similar to this one, but I feel like a guest room should probably err on the cleaner side, kind of like a hotel. Which brings me to my current lust item for the room, Carter Kustera custom portraits of the boys. Ever since I first saw them in the showroom of Jonathan Adler, I have been obsessed, and after they popped up again up in the dining room below (still my favorite home tour ever) I knew I wanted to find a way to incorporate them in to my home. We are pretty low on wall space at this point, so the guest room would definitely be the perfect spot for these guys. The more I think about, the more confident I am that this is the way to go. 

I really love how people use this prints pretty much everywhere, from the kitchen to the nursery, and of course, the dining room. I also think it would be fun for the boys to have these in their own homes down the road.

I know they aren't cheap, but I really think they would make a big impact in the room, and definitely have more value than a few rolls of wallpaper. 

 ... and I think I might have just made up my mind.