A Gallery Wall to Call My Very Own.

I have always dreamed of having a gallery wall. For me, it's one of those things that instantly makes a house feel like a home. I've considered doing one for years now, but a lack of wall space (we have quite a bit of windows) and my husband's dislike of "clutter" (he is definitely a large scale art guy) has held me back. While considering operation joint boy's room, I had been wondering what I was going to do with all the cute art that currently lives in Gray's room, as well as some of the pieces that I had to store to make room for the giant swiss flag. A few weeks ago it hit me; gallery wall... in the bathroom!

 I had recently painted our upstairs bathroom white, and put in a simple shower curtain, and the room was just screaming for something a little fun! It was an actual blank canvas. Also, what better place than a bathroom, which can be seen from our main room, for some cool childlike art? I was going to wait until Gray made the big move to steal his artwork, but over the weekend I realized I had enough to do at least one of the walls. Eventually, I am going to cover all the walls in the room, but for now I did the one that is the main focal point. 

With a can of gold spray paint in hand, I went to work. Here is a little of the process. 

... and the final result. 

You guys, I could not be more excited with the outcome! I am now dying to put the kids together, only so I can finish the abutting wall! It adds such a great personal touch to our home, and even my clutter-phobic husband approves. Last night, I found this great site, to fill in a few of the missing pieces, but other than one or two prints, the entire space will be filled with things that we already had.

Below are some of the images that inspired me to take the plunge!

What do you think? Is a gallery wall a do or a don't? I can now say they are absolutely worth the hassle! If you have been considering doing one, I say break out the hammer and nails!