6 Favorite Fall Soups.

 For me, the minute that the temperature falls below 70 degrees, I have only one thing on my mind when it comes to dinner. Soup, soup and more soup.  Not only is it warm and filling at the end of a cold day, but it makes for such an easy evening in our house when I am able to prepare things ahead of time. Of course, there are about 100,000 soup recipes out there, but these 6 have been used over and over by our family, and always get two thumbs up. We only eat fish, so these soups don't include any meat, but you could easily sneak some chicken in to any one of them! 

White Bean and Broccoli

I had meant to post this last week, when we were in the throws of some Fall like weather and I realize that right now it is more like Summer outside, so just file this one away for another week or so. It is New England, and you all know this is just the beginning of a long cold season! Eek.