Weekend Links.

 It's Friday my friends, and after all my complaining yesterday about our new school life, I have to say right now I am soaking in a sound that I haven't heard around here in 3 months... silence. Gray is napping and the LM doesn't get picked up until 4:15 and I'm not going to lie, I'm really loving this back to school thing right now! 

Of course, that all changes in a less than an hour because the weekend is here! What do you all have planned? Other than a birthday party in NH on Sunday, we have no real plans, which I think is nice after the crazy week we just had. You can bet I will be taking advantage of a yoga class, now that I switched back to my old gym which happens to have childcare that neither of my kids mind going to. Cue the weekend workouts!

I hope you all have an awesome almost-Fall weekend. While I was not loving the 50 degree temps this morning, I have to say a girl could get used to these cool, and sunny days we have been having. You can just smell the apple picking right around the corner! 

Here are a few fun links from around the web, to get your weekend started! See you next week.

This song randomly came on my iPod the other day, and I couldn't have been happier. Classic.

I keep reading about camo being "it" for Fall. I do love me a camo pant, but I'm not so sure about it anywhere else. What do you all think? It seems to keep coming back in style every few years which means you might even have a few pieces in the back of your closet. With a chunky knit, and boots, I think it makes for an easy cool weather look.

I sent this link to my husband after a particularly trying day with the boys, last week. It feels good to know we aren't alone.

I have made this as a side every night for the last 7 days. No joke. It's that good!

Jenni Kayne's home is perfection. If we ever move to California, this would be the exact house I would dream of living in. 

The other day I caught a glimpse of Kelly Ripa's new do, and asked my sister how long she has had that adorable cut. I guess it's new, and I have to say I love it. Are you surprised? Apparently my shorter hair obsession is going the distance.

Speaking of my new gym, I tried this class on Wednesday, and still can't lift my arms. I'm obsessed!

This cracked me up, and is totally something my husband would send. Always Mexican!

Cooler temps mean it's time to make soup! I'm going to give this a whirl on Sunday. 

I feel like people are always talking about the perfect camel tote bag. An absolute wardrobe staple. Could it be the search is over? 

While looking for sconces for our bedroom, I stumbled upon this little online shop and love every single piece. The price point and great and I feel like each one is so unique. I just wish we had a place for that little mint desk lamp!

Just when I decided that I was going to wallpaper the guest room when Gray moves in with his brother,  Serena and Lily released a collection which includes my absolute favorite print. You can't deny fate!

Finally, it's Fashion Week! Do any of you even follow collections any more or are you like me and  are just obsessed with the street style? Either way, it sure is fun, isn't it?