This Is Why People Hire Decorators.

 I had planned to blog my latest installment of my series "wardrobe essentials" today*, but a last minute call from the framers that the flag I had been waiting forever for, coupled with both kids at school, very quickly took priority over anything and everything in life (cause I'm crazy like that.) The minute I got the VERY large flag home I quickly let out a F#$&, then I shed a few tears, called my sister, and got to work. I had a few places in mind when I dreamed up the damn thing, but seeing it in person, I started to regret even ordering it in the first place. It didn't help that after my girlfriend helped me hang some pictures I was already feeling kind of settled in the room. I had to quickly discard the thoughts, because we all know framing isn't cheap (although I did get it for 40% off at Blick) and I got to work. Not before texting everyone in my address book, "this is why people hire decorators!!!!"

Here is the room before. The double groupings had really grown on me, although they left Gray's room feeling a bit empty since most were "borrowed" from him. My apologizes to all second children out there ;).

You can see I first tried hanging the flag over the chalkboard wall, which had to be higher than I would have liked because of its need to clear the light switch. 

Once it was up, it was clear that it was not only too high, but the room was just overwhelmed by ALL those pictures. I also really want to put some shelves over that wall to house my little man's 10,000 Legos that are currently overrunning his room and window sills. 

Next, I tried to center it over what will someday be Gray's bed. I know, you all are thinking why not just center it in the middle and lose the groupings, but due to a heating issue, we have an electric baseboard heater in the room and the control is in right where the picture would need to go. I looked into it to having it moved, and for what it would cost, we might as well move first. 

It's hard to tell from this angle, but once it was up, it was obvious that it wasn't going to work there. The whole thing was off, and after some more tears, and more calls to my sister, I was defeated. We decided that maybe if I moved it over a foot it could work. 

Miracles do happen, because the second it was up, I knew it was perfect!**

I have to say I really lucked out with this one. I think perhaps I've been getting a little too confident after some of my design choices turned out exactly how I imagined and I've now learned that there may be a place for designers after all. That or Xanax.

 I swear, my heart can't handle many more big ticket items. The sofa alone almost put me in an early grave. Good thing we are about 98% done!

*I promise to bring that back starting next week!