School Daze.


Today is the day I've been waiting for, the last two years. From 1-4pm this afternoon BOTH my kids will be in school. Ahhhhhh just the sound of that is so heavenly. Cue the chirping of the birds, the twinkling of the pond, the Disney fairy princess singing as she walks through the garden. This is IT! Three completely guilt free hours to myself. 


Well, sort of. Thing one woke up this morning not too psyched on the idea of having to go to school when it is so nice out, and when I even mention school to thing two I get, "no school, mama" in return. This is always his mantra, so it's nothing new, and I know he will do great, but still, it would be really nice if everyone could just skip out the door with their backpacks and give a little wave as they cross the street to their neighborhood school. Since this is real life, and not a Disney movie, we all know things are never that easy, and even though our carpool has changed my life DRAMATICALLY, commuting to two separate schools at two separate times still has its challenges. 

However, don't think I'm going to let a little separation anxiety, and traffic hatred get me down. I already have my manicure/ pedicure booked, and I plan on sitting in the AC for three glorious hours getting pampered while I work on my book with wine okay, iced coffee in hand. I will do my best to forget the crying squishy face that Gray will give me as I walk out his classroom door, and not even think about what my 5pm commute is going to be like when I go pick up the LM. Nope, I'm not going to let any of that get me down because I have waited for this day for 750 days, so damn right I am going to enjoy it. 

For those of you going through the whole school separation thing, for the first time, I found this post to be pretty helpful, and very true from my own experience. I can tell you when the LM first started preschool at the age of 2, I was sick about walking out while he was still crying, and would often hide around the corner for a half hour until I knew he was settled. Of course, now with child number two, I've treated it like a band-aid and try to get out as soon as possible, without leaving a mark, and get as far away from the school as I can... rip that baby off! 

I realize that in 10 years I'm going to be reading this, dying for my boys to be home from school, so we can hit the beach on such a beautiful Summer day. But for today, there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of having a few guilt free hours to myself. Anyone want to join me? :)