Dinner Party... Done.

 Do you all have a go-to when you are having people over for dinner? We host pretty infrequently, given that our living room is one in the same as our dining room (read: we have no where to stash the kids) but when we do, without fail I make the same thing every time.

 A few years back, my girlfriend turned me on this recipe for Nobu's famous Black Cod, and I've never looked back. I typically use white cod, or sea bass, and I love the fact that with this, you make everything ahead of time,  meaning you have more time for chatting, and less time stuck in the kitchen. Really, isn't that the whole point of the dinner party?  We don't have an indoor/ or outdoor grill so I usually just saute it on both sides until browned, and then broil it for a few minutes right in the pan. No matter who has been the recipient, it gets two thumbs up every time. 

For sides I typically make mashed sweet potatoes before our guests arrive, or my friend suggests wasabi mashed regular potatoes to pair, along with some roasted asparagus with a splash of balsamic, and a simple arugula salad with a lemon vinaigrette and some shaved Parmesan.vIt looks impressive tastes delicious, and you don't have to spend the whole night cooking. What a novel concept!

Now, who wants to come over?

(Photo, with similar recipe via the Kitchen)