I don't know if it's because they miss each other now that the LM is in school full time, or if it is due to the fact that Gray can now talk, which makes him so much more fun to be around (said by all of us) but lately the boys just can't seem to get enough of each other. After a long summer of battle after battle, I have to say that this is a welcome change 'round these parts, and one that I hope is here to stay. Here is a little of what these two buddies have been up to the past week or two. 

{Static, what static? Now you see why his nickname is "Little Lion"}

{Enjoying the last few drops of Summer with a visit to Mr. Frosty in the Public Garden for ice cream and hot dogs}

{Only in Cambridge will they build a year round ice skating rink... now if only they would start on the dang skateboard park!}

{Speaking of skate parks, we tried out a new one last week, which just happened to coincide with a 100 degree day!!! Luckily, there was a little tech deck area for cooling off.}

{Someone really enjoyed their first day of school. Oh, and Gray had a great time too ;)}

{Just hanging out in their PJ's talking about skateboard decks}

{Sunday morning pumpkin spice donut making}

{Daddy was away last weekend, and the boys and I took the train in to town, and walked/biked back over the bridge. Just another reason why I am never leaving Cambridge.. that view!} 

{Future Mike D? My little trendsetter. No, he didn't win that medal, it just his favorite "accessory." I can totally respect that!}

{I have to say I'm loving my mornings alone with this sweet little guy. Earlier this week I took him in to J. Crew, something I NEVER would have tried with the LM, and he just walked around kissing all the mannequins hands and introducing himself. He decided that he "loved" this one. With that leopard baseball hat, who can blame him?}

{A great pic of the LM doing what he does best}

Happy Tuesday!