Chic Hair for Fall.

 I know, I know, I talk a lot about hair here. Maybe it is because it's the one thing you can so easily change, to make a dramatic difference in your appearance. Or maybe because it's just plain old fun, but I love switching up my look every season, and while I'm still loving my shorter ombre locks, so much of the same can get a little boring. Since my new morning commute leaves quite a bit to be desired in the time department, for me, easy has to be the name of the game. 

Inspired by my newest celebrity favorite on Instagram, Nicole Ritchie, no judgement, she's been killing it lately, I've been finding myself drawn to slicked back hair, with a severe part (center, or on the side), and a simple bun. Add in a little mascara and some eyebrow pencil (I think the key to this look IS the brows) and I'm finding this is all I need to make me feel a little more put together throughout the day from the gym, to dinner with my hubby. 

Just look at these ladies. So simple and easy, and what a way to bring the focus back to your face (or in my case, glasses ;))

As for the eyebrows, I recently found this product and can not get enough of it! I've mentioned here in the past that I dream of having Olsen type eyebrows, and this is really getting me one step closer. Rather than coloring your brows, and making them too severe, it really grabs on to those little hairs, and definitely creates the illusion of full brow! 

What do you all think? Perfectly simple, or too severe? I say for Fall, pack away the surf spray, and break out the hair gel! Getting ready has never been easier!