Back in the Saddle.

Yesterday was the LM's first "real" day in school, and 56 hours later I have yet to recover. For the past few years his school day has started between 8:45-9:15, and it took us a whopping 10 minutes door to door. Now he HAS to be at school no later than 7:45 and even though his campus is less than 5 miles away, with traffic it can take up to 30+ minutes. Talk about a change in routine.

 I thought I was ready for it. I made these sweet potato muffins the night before, so I wouldn't have to worry about breakfast, and had everyones' clothes laid out. I woke up on time and instead of lazily browsing my latest Pins, I literally jumped out of bed and sprung in to action. We were out the door on time, and if it hadn't been for a last minute coffee stop that should have taken no more than "a minute" (famous last words) we would have nailed the morning run. After patting myself on the back, I very quickly realized that getting to school was only half the battle. We still had to drive back home in bumper to bumper traffic, and with a two year old in the back, who was pulled from his crib to a car seat, let's just say this was not the most pleasant of morning commutes. The worst part of it all, is that by the time we arrived back home, it was only 8:30! 

Now, I realize that if you have to be to work of somewhere else, at this time you declare #winning, but if you have nothing to do but stare in to the eyes of your cranky toddler than you are most definitely losing, and you're probably feeling very happy that you stopped for that coffee. To add insult to injury, the LM had a half day, so we turned around 3 hours later and did the whole thing all over again. When we got home at 12:30 I felt like I had already run a marathon. We had lunch, I put Gray down, and then the LM and I departed for his afternoon skate lesson which is 45 miles away. 12 hours after we left the house in the morning, we returned for dinner and baths, and let me tell you, I felt like I had been run over. Can you say OVER SCHEDULED? 

Certainly this type of commuting isn't abnormal, and I know we aren't the first or the last to have days like this, but having had things fairly easy for so long, this was most definitely a shock to the system. This morning when I looked in the rear view mirror I found exactly 14 gray hairs, and I swear they weren't there yesterday. I blame the traffic on the Mass Pike for those babies. 

Today, I woke up in a panic, thinking we had overslept, before I realized that today was a holiday, and we wouldn't have to do what had been dubbed the 'drive of death,' but I'm not sure if I can say I was relieved, because I really think we just need to do it over and over so we can get used to it. Like exercise, or sleep deprivation, or juice cleanses. Don't I make parenting sound so appealing? 

Thinking back, I do recall the beginning of every school year having its ups and downs. Coming off of a long summer, with late bedtimes, and lazy mornings, makes that alarm seem just a little bit louder than it used to be, and I'm sure by October we are going to be old hands at this. Next week our carpool is hopefully kicking in, which will make Gray one happy camper and I'm sure driving at 7 and 4, will be a lot less painful than 7 and 11, when we finally get a full day. At least I hope this will be the case. 

After yesterday, I'm starting to get a glimpse in to why people say having big kids can be more time consuming than littles. It's because all of a sudden you spend your life in the car, which means nothing else can really get done. School, sports, play dates, birthday parties... etc. We are entering a whole new realm of life, and last night you can bet I thanked my husband for my satellite radio (I have a new/old obsession with Ryan Seacrest... oh the shame) and my heated seats (which will be in full use in T-minus 3 weeks.) 

I know it's only 3 LONG short years until the boys will be in school together, and my days will again be mine, but I have a feeling that until then, we are going to be in for a lot more days like yesterday. Which means I'm going to seriously need to invest in a good coffee machine. and you can bet the whole "no Ipad on the way to school" rule has gone straight out the window. Cut to me downloading every season of Calliou and Lego Chima as a type.

Tomorrow is a new day... This time I'll be ready. I think. 

P.S. I forgot to add that in the end, the LM had an AWESOME first day of kindergarten, and the skate session of his life, so really the day goes down as a win... even if it mans I was comatose by 9:30.