Programming Note

 I can't even remember the last time I sat down to eat a meal, which can give you some idea as to why I've been slacking on the blog. Between camp ending, 10,000 playdates for the LM's new school, friends in town, school paperwork, a foundation crack leaking in to our lower lever AGAIN, and general life, we have been busy. Tomorrow, the kids and I are heading down to the cape for the week to visit my two best friends, so really, things could not be any better. This coming weekend the LM turns 6, and we will be hitting the waves in Water Country. I'm hoping sometime between now and then I can actually get a break to get back over here, but the way things are, I can't promise much. Besides, does any one even read blogs in August? My stats say no ;). 

I hope you all will bear with me, and I'll be back to my regular(ish) posting soon. School is only two weeks away

! Since I can't leave you empty handed, the boy's new beds arrived a little earlier than expected, so I was able to get a jump on the room. Here is a teaser... you know I'll show the full tour when I get back. 

Hope you all have an awesome week!