On Tattoos.

Question: How many tattoos are too many? I ask because I want another. 

I know this really is a matter of personal taste, and surely if you work in some creative field in Brooklyn, the answer likely differs from someone who works in a corporate law firm, or teaches elementary school, but since I clearly am not on either extreme I feel like I need some advice on how many I can pull off, without raising the eyebrows of my kids when they get older. I tend to think the answer is 2 or 3, and if I were to make the jump, just one more time, I think I'd be maxed out. This is a problem only because, those of you with tattoos know, once you get one you just want another. And another. And another. Is it better to always wonder about #3, or just do it, and make a pact not to get #4... ever. I'm not really sure. 

The thing is, I love my tattoos. I have a dime sized heart on my lower back, that I got at the old age of 26, funny enough to try to prevent my sister from getting a tattoo. She was 16 at the time, and wanted some large butterfly (I think), I told her if she waited until she was 18, I would get one first, and then she would have something to look forward to. I picked out something small enough so that neither of us would end up regretting it later, and sure enough the day she turned 18, she got inked with the same thing. 

My second was done on a whim about two years ago when, again with my sister, I decided that we had to get a bird tattoo that we had seen a few months prior. We had been talking about it forever, and a kid free weekend in New York seemed like the perfect opportunity. Even though I had to do multiple touch ups, I consider that tattoo to be one of my best decisions ever, and, of course, this just makes me want more. 

I've asked a lot of people this question, and for most it comes down to their own personal history with tattoos. Some have had ones they love and say do it! Some, the exact opposite. The rest, side with my husband, and say that I should leave well enough alone and enjoy the two I have. I'm kind of in the middle. Because mine aren't all that visible, I feel like I can get away with just one more, especially if it is also not visible. But, yes, they can all be seen in a bathing suit, and I'm not quite sure how that's going to work out, when I get older. Like way older. Maybe it will just make me more bad ass? That would be nice!

I'd love to know what you all think. Ideally I would like a small constellation on my rib, kind of like this one. To ink or not to ink... that is the question!