Happy Camper.

Living in an urban environment, we often wonder if our kids are missing out on some of parts of their childhood that we so fondly remember. Things like fishing, hiking, swimming in the lake, riding horses, canoeing, being still in nature, are hard to do living in a concrete jungle. Of course, our kids get some exposure to these type of activities during our time in Costa Rica, but that is only 4 weeks, and we all know too well, that Summer break seems to last forever. This is why we were so excited to find out about Camp Sewataro, after some friends told us about the amazing summer their daughter was having last year. After scouring their website, I knew that this magical place had the LM's name all over it, and quickly signed him up for a month of camp, starting the day after we returned from our trip. Even though the days are long there, and our little guy is pretty beat when he gets home, I love the idea that for this month he was able to experience summer in the way that I remember.

Last night, we were able to visit the camp and it was beyond what I could have imagined. Campfires, sing alongs, tents, beautiful scenery as far as the eye could see... it was summer camp perfected, and I'm sad to see it all end on Friday. 

Until next year Camp Sewataro. We will most definitely be back!