What a Week.

 Where to begin... 

The week began great! We arrived home late last Saturday evening, and were ecstatic with how well the boys did traveling. They really were a dream, which pretty much makes me want to take them everywhere from now on!

On Sunday, I was able to meet my incredibly perfect Goddaughter, Hailey who was HOME, and upon leaving, the LM declared that, "he really needed a baby sister, so he wouldn't have to borrow his friends." I had to let him know that unfortunately we will have to share, but luckily her momma won't mind... until she's 16 ;)

Monday, the LM started his first day of Camp, and immediately caught his first fish. In the beginning he was so brave taking the bus for the first time, which of course he now hates, but I was so proud of what an adventurous little boy he was. And yes, I still make him take the bus.

On Tuesday baby boy turned 2, which was definitely a happy/sad day, because I no longer have a baby (sad) but he has turned out to be the most incredible little boy (happy) even though all he says is NO!!!! all day long. My in-laws came in for the big occasion, which ended up being the best timing ever, and the day was capped off with his three favorite things; donuts, tech decks, and a new basketball. 

On Wednesday, things went dramatically down hill. Prior to our return home, Gray had a bug bite on his bottom that looked a little angry. Over time he developed a rash around it, and Wednesday morning I took him to the Pedi to get it looked at. He was given a prescription for some mild antibiotic and sent on his merry way to school. After nap, he developed a fever, that quickly reached 103. He could no longer sit on his butt, or stand, and was breathing very quickly. I called the Pedi, who sent us straight to the ER. We were quickly admitted and spent the next two days in the hospital, with the little guy hooked up to IV antibiotics. We were released late Friday, and he seemed to be doing better. On Saturday, he was again looking a little rough around the edges, but with another antibiotic change he seems to be on the up and up. We were back at the pedi today, and we think he will only get better from here. Needless to say, I now hate mosquitoes more than ever, and will run, not walk, to the nearest doctor the second he looks like he may have an infection. 

Our weekend was surprisingly calm, given the events that had transpired. We were planning to take the LM camping, but decided it would be better to stay close to home, so instead we went to NH for a double header skate/surf session. He was thrilled to have his mom and dad all to himself, and it was nice to get a little break from home. On Sunday, we reveled in some more family time, and did our usual park runs, followed by dinner at one of our favorite places. 

... and now it's Monday. 

 I'm not really sure what else there is to say. Being in a hospital with a sick kid is like nothing else. All I could think, the entire time we were there, was how lucky we were that we only had a two day stay. All around us were families who were actually living there, beside their kids who were way sicker than mine, and my heart was breaking for them every second. Next year, when Gray is in school full time, I think I'd like to become one of the volunteers on the pediatrics floor. When I was there alone for the entire day, unable to leave the side of Gray's crib, I can't tell you how amazing it was to have someone come in and bring him toys from down the hall, and offer to pick me up a coffee. These two things changed our entire day, and I can't think of a better way to spend the morning than doing that for someone else. 

A lot perspective was gained from my end last week. I hope I can hold on to it moving forward. 

So, that's where I've been. I hope you all have had a great week, and were able to escape the heat and rain. I'm hoping to be back to my regular posting, barring any more surprises, so I hope you keep checking back to follow our little journey through life... curveballs sure to be included :)