Weekend Links.

 Happy Belated 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! We celebrated the big day, doing what we usually do, with a little extra tequila to help us get in the spirit. We were happily surprised to hear fireworks going off around 8pm, but we weren't able to find their origin. We are always down here, this time of year, and I was shocked when the LM told me that he doesn't ever remember seeing fireworks. Surely, he had to see them at least once? Once we sat down and thought about it, we realized that we were either out of the country every 4th, or he was too young to remember, so we quickly went to you tube to show the LM what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, he thought they were awesome, and next year we promised to let him watch some fireworks... even if we have to do it ourselves. Eek. I hope you all had a good one, and are able to enjoy this long holiday weekend. Here are a few fun links from around the web if you are in a bloggy blog mood. Read: escaping the heat. 

For some reason I always play this song when I am down here. Classic. 

My friend Amber got me hooked on this Tumblr Target Does it Again. It's so genius! Oh, and it also really makes me miss my too long, too blonde hair ;(

I saw these pants in a magazine I grabbed before our flight and I can't stop thinking about them. I feel like you could wear them with everything, everywhere, in every season. I want. Bad. 

5 tips for a happy family vacation. For some reason they didn't mention leaving your kids at home??? I kid, I kid.

I love the idea of a giant flag for the boy's room. This inspired me to order a Swiss flag to have framed for what will soon be their combined space and I'm matching it with red star bedding, and a blue and white striped duvet for a play on their dual citizenship. Cute right? 

This looks so good. Down here I really miss having my Whole Foods 2 minutes away. Beans and rice anyone... again?

The perfect striped shirt for under 50$

Which would look perfect with this bag which plays perfectly on the red white and blue theme. 

Lately, I've found myself constantly pinning pictures of Sofia Coppola. I think I might have a bit of a girl crush going on. Damn she's chic and SO true to herself. Swoon.

Speaking of chic, I am loving this hair cut. Dare I go shorter?

What a great way to keep drinks cold for a party. Why didn't I think of this years ago? So festive!

These are REALLY cute, and would make a great wedding gift!

How to roll sleeves like J.Crew. I will perfect this!

Finally, what is Summer without a little Tracey Anderson ass kicking. Here is her 12 minute arms workout. Can you guess what I'm doing when I finish this? (P.S. Ignore the editing... )

Today marks the halfway point in our trip and even though I've had about all the sun I can handle, and you can play connect the dots with the 10,000 mosquito bites I have covering me head to toe, we are still having a great time, and are already a little sad that soon we will have to leave this beautiful country. I'll be back next week with more pictures, and some of my picks for some summer beach reads! See you then :)