Just Like His Big Bro.

 For the first two weeks we were here, Gray wanted absolutely nothing to do with the ocean. He was happy to play in the sand all day long, but when you asked him if he wanted to go in the water, he would shake his head and clearly say, "NO." For hours on end he would watch his brother surf, and boogie board, and even though he never likes to leave his side, something about the vastness of the ocean turned him off. Slowly, over the past week, he has been getting braver and braver, and finally preferred jumping waves to pretty much anything else in life. We had been asking him if he wanted to try his boogie board, that his Grandpa had given him as a early birthday present, but all he wanted to do was stand on the thing, rather than lay down, and we figured the whole thing was a lost cause. Until yesterday. Yesterday, our not even two year old, got up the nerve to try out the boogie board, the "real" way...and  the rest is history. 

I can't even begin to tell you how happy he was, to have the tables turned, and this time have his big bro cheering HIM on from the sidelines. The LM is so proud of him, and now the two can finally catch some waves together. 

Now, if I could only get him to wear pants...