She's Back!

 ... and we aren't even talking about me! 

Okay, I'm back too (from one of the best NYC trips ever, more on that later) BUT someone else decided to make a surprise appearance exactly 1 week, and 1 day after her departure. Yes, I'm talking about my sofa. She's back, and she's better than ever! Just like the sun, I haven't even looked directly at her, because doing so makes my eyes tear up. I could say more, but this should do all the talking. 

I mean, can you even? I can't. It is beyond what I ever dreamed. Oh, and the fun doesn't stop there. I also was able to get our crappier, than crappy, dining room chairs recovered in french ticking. 

All day long I have been in disbelief that this is actually our living room. AND that our house is pretty much "done." For now. Recovering the sofa is tied with the rug under the dining room table, as being the game changers in our design. I now can say every inch of this house is "me" and I swear we are never moving. 

That sofa is what dreams are made of. 

For those of you who have asked, I used Perkins Upholstery in Uxbridge. All tolled, for pickup, delivery, the pricy fabric, the nailheads, the chairs, the tufting, the overstuffing, the tax... the whole thing ran about 3k. Yes, we could have gotten another sofa at that price, but it would have been your stock piece, the same we just had for the last 5 years. This... THIS would not have been obtainable at that price point. If you have an old piece of furniture, you should absolutely give it a second thought before tossing. I now get what they say about the "bones." It's all about good structure, people!! 

THAT SOFA is this sofa. Let that sink in. Do you even see that living room? I can't even believe that used to be our house. The best part is when I talk about being afraid of color. hahahahahahah says the girl with stripes on her ceiling, skateboards behind her bed, and bumble bee stamps on half the walls in my house. I have learned you have a lot to fear in life, color is the least of your concerns!!!

Did I mention the sofa ;)

P.S. My feral animals (err children) and I are off for our annual jungle trip to Costa Rica. I will most definitely be posting, but probably not as regularly. I should be hooked up to the Internet by Sunday, so keep checking in. I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week!