Monday Links.

  Hi friends, sorry for the unexpected absence over the weekend. Early Friday, I learned that my best friend, who is pregnant with her 4th!!!! baby, was in the hospital due to some complications. Baby and Momma are doing great, but it looks like she is going to be there until the end, which is about another month. I'll be able to visit often, given that she's staying close by, but my thoughts are always there with her, and over the weekend I found it hard to focus on much else. It's so hard, to feel so helpless as a friend, and I can only imagine how she must feel not being able to do anything other than sit and wait. Luckily, she has an amazing family, who is the best support system anyone could dream of, and I plan on spending many hours by her side, talking nonsense, hoping to make the days go by a little faster. 

Apart from that, the kids and I had a nice weekend. Saturday, we took advantage of the 90+ temps and we hit the beach. My husband had to work, so I went alone, and I can't even begin to tell you how exhausted I was at the end. The beach part was easy, but the sun screening, changing, changing again, ice cream eating, bag carrying, OMG my kids are running up giant boulders in different directions, and jumping in the water, only one can swim, is that a bug/fish/crab Gray is eating, sun screening again part was difficult. I'm very looking to having a few extra hands on deck when we go to Costa Rica in a few weeks. Whew. Yesterday, it was birthday party central, and the LM had not one, but two, awesome parties to go to. By the time 7:30 rolled around, he was out for the count... as was I! 

Today, of course is Monday, and like most Mondays, it came a little bit too soon. This is the last week on Nursery School for the LM ever, and while most of the time, I feel like he is 16, this does feel a bit like an end of an era. I just can't believe my little guy is all grown up and it's going to be strange, not dropping him off at "his" school every morning. In the fall, Gray will be taking his place, and in 3 short years I'm sure I will be feeling exactly this way, all over again. Last night, before bed, the LM told me that the last day of school is a mad/sad/glad day, and that's okay to feel sad and happy at the same time. I'm glad one of us is in touch with our emotions! haha

So that's a little of what we have going on around here. I decided to post the weekend links today, not only for you all, but also so my bestie would have some more light reading. I'm pretty sure there aren't enough magazines in the world to kill 12 hours a day, in bed. At least tonight The Bachelorette is on, so we will be able to kill the next week dissecting this one! (P.S. I'm hooked!)

Here are a few fun links from around the web, for this rainy Monday. Enjoy!

After accidentally stumbling across this duvet cover from H&M home, I became obsessed with getting it for what will be the future boys' room. Too bad they don't ship to the US!!! Thanks to my British friend, I "met" through blogging, I have two of these coming my way. Now I just have to make sure she lets me repay the favor with a US company!

Speaking of the boy's room. I'm dying to do this on their ceiling. I'm thinking of painting it Navy, and using a stamp with glow in the dark ink, to create the night sky. (Yes, I'm probably going to stamp this whole house now ;))

My new go-to for Summer. Bright white toenails and leather sandals. Turns out, I'm not the only one who is loving this look. 

What I would do to get this T-shirt is slightly disturbing, so I'll just say I want it. Bad. Do we think they will mass-produce?

This risotto looks amazing. I have to make it this week. Have to.

These would make a great Father's Day gift. So cute for weddings too!

This living room slays me, and just reinforces my decision to recover our sofa. Also, everything she says about Hague Blue is completely true. That's the color we painted our master bedroom, and it is still my favorite room we have done. 

I've decided that even though we aren't big drinkers of hard alcohol, it would be great to have a little bar set up on our sideboard. I found this tray, and I think a set up like this would be cute. Now we just have to entertain more!

A rainy day, like today, is just screaming for a project like this. I think I will let the boys pick one to make this afternoon!

Finally, how refreshing does this look? Perfect for the next heat wave!

Happy Monday!