Well, we made it. At one point on Friday, after 2 hours of being stuck in a stand still traffic jam... in the middle of nowhere, I turned to my husband and said, "what the hell are we thinking, doing this every year?" Soon after the removal of a semi from the two lane highway, and an icy beer from the cooler (before breakfast I might add)  I again began to remember why we love this country so much. The next day when we hit the beach, with only my family in sight, I was reminded of why we have to do this every year. The gift of being away, with just the ones you love, is priceless, and even though we've had our share of toddler meltdowns, thunderstorms, and even earthquakes (a rare ((and scary)) occurrence in these parts) I can say with absolute certainty that there isn't anywhere in the world I'd rather be right now. 

Here are a few pictures from our first few days in paradise. 

Life is good. xoxo

P.S. The Internet has been spotty at best, so please don't get too mad at me if I'm not able to get back here as much as I'd like. :)