Weekend Links.

What do you have planned, this rainy long weekend? Sadly, our beach and pool party plans had to be scraped due to the awful three day forecast, so we are falling back on our Winter schedule of alternating Museums. First the Children's, then the Museum of Natural History, and probably the Museum of Science. While this is all fine and dandy, I was really looking forward to some outside time. Summer, are you out there? Why, oh, why are you taking so long to get here this year? 

I hope you all have something fun planned, and maybe some unexpected sunshine as well. I'll see you all next week!

This cover is insane. I had to download the whole album after discovering it. Can you believe this kid was from American Idol?

Another week, another devastating news story. My hearts go out to everyone affected by the OK tornado. Again, so many little lives lost too soon. This piece brought me some comfort.

This is making the rounds, and had me rolling on the floor. 

Summer in a bowl.

How great is this photo wall? Such an easy way to add impact to any room!

My friend's sister has started a Kickstarter campaign to take her earth-friendly, uber-cute HankyBooks to mass production. A 10 dollar donation gets you your own HankyBook! So great for those perpetual runny noses. 

I read this yesterday. And again last night. And again this morning. I can relate to every word. Last night I made a pledge to my kids that we ALL would stop yelling at each other. We are one day in, and I'm astounded to find that the calmer I can stay, the quieter they are. No more trying to "out noise" each other to get a point across. It ends today. 

I just signed up for this with my sister and a few other "skater moms." The longest I've ever ran IN MY LIFE is 4 miles. I'm actually really excited!

The insanely gorgeous Cup of Jo model, Caroline, cut her hair! Can you guess? Yep! I'm obsessed!

Speaking of gorgeous, how beautiful are these mother daughter moments? Did you notice the ombre hair ;)

Finally, let's not forget the real reason behind this holiday weekend. (grab a tissue first) Thank you to our troops and their families for the huge sacrifice they make. I hope we can bring them all home, and soon.