Weekend Links.

Well, hello there, amazing leaf blazer... what are you doing in my closet? I thought you were on a no shopping challenge??? Okay, okay, I had a little slip in my year long challenge. *Technically* it doesn't count since I returned something from my birthday for credit... but I can't lie to you all, so there it is. 6 months was a good run, and I'm fully committing to the next 6. Some things just are just too good to pass up, you know? 

Other than hanging my head in broken shopping challenge shame, we don't have a lot planned for the weekend. I think skater mom might make and appearance in New Hampshire tomorrow, so if you hear an ambulance whizzing by you, be sure to look for me ;).  Sunday, I am going to take the boys to the museum of Natural History, and the LM is really looking forward to a play date at his new school in the afternoon. The weather around here is expected to be perfectly "Spring like" so I hope to be outside most of the time, soaking up as much sun as one New Englander can... in May.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans may be. If you are in a bloggie mood, here are some fun links from around the web! See you all Monday!

I am addicted to this song. Is FUN the Queen of our generation? I sure hope so!

Speaking of silk blouses, I can't believe I forgot Everlane!!!! I'll take one in every color please!

We will pretty much take our kids anywhere, but are a little skiddish when it comes to major cities. This guide to Paris with kids, has me re-thinking this. Let's be honest... I just want to go back to Paris!!!!

Do not mistake monotony for boredom. This is right on. 

As the least photogenic person on the planet, I read every word of this... twice!

So true! A big, "I'm sorry" goes out to any person who has ever called me since the birth of the LM. 

A great DIY tutorial. I'm questioning whether I am this crafty. 

I happen to be a great braider (which came in handy, given that I have three younger sisters.) This may be my go to for Summer

I am dying to do dots on one wall in our living room. I can't decide if I should stamp or use decals. Hmmmmmmmm.

All week long, I have been craving key lime pie. I think I will make one, trying out this recipe!

This bathroom is EVERYTHING.

Finally, a great article about the future of Private Schools. I think this is probably true, in all places except Boston, NYC,  and San Francisco.