Weekend Links.

Thursday, I turned 34. Friday, I woke up with some bubonic like plague that has left me feeling like I am 104. Strangely enough, this didn't come from the kids, and I'm convinced I have some weird flu strain that wasn't covered by my flu shot this year. Whatever it is, it sucks, and I've been unable to post the last few days, because that would entail opening my eyes, and taking off one of the 10,000 layers that I am currently wearing to keep me from freezing to death. Man, this sucks. I can't complain too much, my husband was already slated to have the kids this morning, so I could attend a 90 minute yoga class, and get a mani/pedi, both of which I quickly traded in for a cup of tea and my pillow. 

I hope you all had a much more pleasant Mother's day, whether you are a mother yourself, or celebrating your own mother. I think I'm turning the corner with this illness, and will back to regular posting tomorrow. If I'm not send help... and tea, lots and lots of tea!

Here are a few fun links from around the web, enjoy!

I am still holding strong in my no shopping challenge, but this blazer is making things very, very, very hard. I may have to put some of my birthday dough to good use. 

For my birthday, my sister made me this cake. It wasn't easy, nor was it cheap, but damn it was good. 

This is my new go to for when you are feeling sick. We had it Friday night, and for a moment I felt better. It tastes like the ramen from college, only way WAY healthier. 

When I go to the hairdresser this week, I'm sticking with my cut, but will be attempting a subtle ombre like this. Wish me luck. Oh, and yes, I'm still LOVING my short hair. Hands down, best decision ever. 

I keep seeing these shoes on some of the most stylish women on the Internet. I'm kind of obsessed. 

I kind of dig this manicure

A great twist on the selfie... better because you don't have to think about when you last washed your hair!

I'm hoping the fact that I don't have girls, means I can skip this conversation. I remember having with my sisters over and over, and even then I was shocked at how oversexualized the clothing was, that was being marketed to their very young age group. 

This sweatshirt is incredible. The LM and I are almost done with book 1!

The most popular baby names of 2012. I'm shocked to find the LM came in at #6... it seemed much more original 6 years ago! Oh, and his full "real" name is #5. Oops. 

What this family is doing with their grief, is so beautiful. It's a shame congress let all of us down. 

Oh, and the poster above. Yes that is what I look like right now, and my husband is so afraid of getting whatever I have, he's taken up residence in the LM's room. It's kind of sad that this may be the closest I ever get to looking like Gwyneth. ;)

Happy Sunday.