Wardrobe Essentials: Save, Crave, Investment #4

 An army green utility jacket is one of those layers that you always end up wearing about 50 times more than you would expect. I wore mine twice this week... and it's only Thursday. First, pairing it with a chambray shirt, and a cheetah print skirt (a gift from my girlfriends for my birthday), and then with a pair of white jeans, over a white lace blouse.  During the Spring/ Summer/ Fall, it’s the perfect jacket that can easily be worn over almost any outfit, and it acts as a necessary layer when the temps dip down in the evening, as they always seem to do around here. 

Below is some army jacket inspiration, and, of course, where to get your own;  on any budget. The crave version (at a great price point) is great because of the nipped in waist, but that rag and bone jacket is beyond dreamy. Whatever version you choose, you wardrobe will surely thank you. 

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